Breaking Bad

June 26, 2014 — 4,643 Comments

Have you ever wondered what a life spent chasing money looks like? Watch “Breaking Bad” and you will quickly get an idea of the damage you do to yourself and to others if you choose money above other more valuable items such as reputation, relationships and impact on others.

A friend of mine absolutely loved watching “Breaking Bad” on her cable (her treat to herself and her family after they paid off all their consumer debt). She talked me into watching the show with her. In full disclosure, this is like watching five seasons of a rated R film. In other words, there is strong language, graphic scenes of violence and rather mature ideas/situations portrayed in this series. Read that to say: “Do not watch this show with young children. Do not watch this show if you keep your eyes firmly focused on PG-13, PG and G rated films.”

A kind and mild-mannered chemistry teacher, brilliant in his own right, receives bad news from his doctor. His family rallies around him and they start down the road of expensive medical treatments. Walt, the main character, feels desperate to leave his family a legacy. Rather than acknowledge the legacy of honor, diligence, patience and kindness that he has lived for many of his 50 years, Walt chooses to focus only on money. Watching Walt go from good intentions with terrible action steps at the beginning of the series to unrepentantly manipulative and sinister at the end of the series was scary in ways hard to express on this blog.

I wish that “breaking bad” were limited to television fiction. You have seen examples of people “breaking bad” where secrets are hidden, lies spread, manipulation is rampant and the only measure of success is in how much cash someone has.

May your life be all about breaking GOOD: fulfilling the good calling placed on your life (Ephesians), adding good value to the people you interact with in a day, living in a good way that focuses on excellence, truth, beauty and strength, and knowing that the rewards you are building up for yourself and your loved ones are so much more valuable than money.