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Breaking Bad

June 26, 2014 — 4,780 Comments

Have you ever wondered what a life spent chasing money looks like? Watch “Breaking Bad” and you will quickly get an idea of the damage you do to yourself and to others if you choose money above other more valuable items such as reputation, relationships and impact on others.

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Hard Conversations

January 20, 2013 — 4,512 Comments

ManWomanUmbrella Both budgeting (cash flow planning) and sex are hard to talk about. What if you waded into the difficult conversation and found that a simple misunderstanding, based on bad assumptions, is the only thing limiting you and your spouse from a whole lot of fun together and over-the-moon results?

I attended the first Quitter Conference in 2011.

I knew it would be fun. I knew I would meet interesting and fun people.

I didn’t expect it to pay off like it has in the last 12 months. Where could YOU be 12 months from now if you had this information and access to the conversations we’ll have next weekend?



Garage Sale

August 15, 2012 — 4,475 Comments

In my most recent (fabulous) Financial Peace University group, some of the other single people and I decided to do a garage sale together. Two households close to each other combined resources and some big items to sell. I brought a few small things to sell in their driveway/garage, mostly to keep them company and be part of the fun.

We set the start time early because August is HOT in Texas. We wanted to have our garage sale items gone, or nearly gone, before temperatures hit 100° and we were stuck on that hot driveway concrete with sun beating down and heat reflecting up at us.

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Know Why

July 26, 2012 — 4,551 Comments

As you create a household budget (or cash flow plan), you are crafting a behavior plan for your money. Your internal beliefs about money will reveal themselves on the paper. Sometimes the clarity that comes from writing things down Continue Reading…


July 6, 2012 — 4,132 Comments

Recently I received an email offer from a favorite coffee shop of mine. They were offering me a coffee press for free! My  initial reaction was “YEAH!” – a gift.

But was it really a “yeah” moment? Feelings are all very nice. They are just not reliable for making good decisions. Continue Reading…

Think fast!

The Situation: Some friends are coming in from far away. You want to offer them gracious hospitality while they visit your place. Your friends are spending a long weekend with you, arriving Friday evening, staying all day Saturday and Sunday, then leaving after breakfast on Monday.

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Principles seem streamlined and easy when we’re just talking about them. Putting these same principles into practice gets messy.

The goal? Get the car fixed and not miss work appointments.

The process? It seemed unending at the time. Continue Reading…

So in the previous post, I shared that my car was not running well and needed to go to the mechanic.


As I sat there quietly freaking out (inside), I was reminding myself about my commitment to live with no debt or credit cards, finding options for leaving my car with the mechanic while still getting to teach class (where there’s a will there’s a way) and making decisions based on facts, logistics and long-term plans.


In the time between “the buck” and arriving at the place of my next appointment, Continue Reading…