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November 23, 2015 — 1,140 Comments

It’s been a while since I updated this blog as I complete my MBA. I would love to hear from you this Thanksgiving week about how YOU celebrate big goals (see below).

FinishLinesTo my frequent readers, my apologies that I prioritized client meetings and graduate school work (the whole MBA journey) ahead of updating this blog.

To my financial coaching and career coaching clients in this past 18 months, WOW! You are amazing and willing to do what it takes to put your households ahead of “average” here in the States. It has been my honor and privilege to walk alongside you as you hone and launch your income and outgo progress.

I absolutely adored getting my Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) from Tarleton State University. There were so many fine people who contributed to the richness of my MBA experience. You will hear more about that in the days to come here on this blog. Today’s post is about crossing a finish line. Accomplishing a milestone.

How am I celebrating this MBA milestone you ask?

I am celebrating in a variety of ways, all paid for in cash of course. One of the more frivolous ways I am celebrating is by watching the James Bond movies from 1962 forward to the latest, Spectre, in order to make my own decision about who played the best Bond. I have used WorldCat (an MBA treasure) to find most all of the DVDs at one or more local DFW library. The remaining two movies that exceed a “regular” commute, I will rent thru an online video streaming service.

Celebration Budget for this MBA Completion will be as follows:

Fuel for the vehicle to go pick up reserved movies*                $5.00
Rental fees with applicable taxes for online video streaming   $6.50
Use of already paid for home internet                                    Free
Cleaning out graduate school files as I watch the movies        Free
Gourmet popcorn for the home Bond Marathon                     $5.00

Being able to debate “Who plays the best Bond? Connery vs. Lazenby vs. Moore vs. Dalton vs. Brosnan vs. Craig” with my friends who love movies even more than I? Priceless

Grand total: Less than a $20 bill. The remaining money will be spent watching Spectre at a local bargain movie theater during a matinee showing.

So, lots of fun and interaction with friends planned for a minimum of cash outlay (spending). How are YOU celebrating the milestones in your life?

I know you have great ideas. Email your best ideas to or give a shout out on our Facebook page or Twitter feed and I will send you my 10 favorite “Milestone Celebration” ideas in a free report as we set of for financial success in the 2016 calendar year.


*The library lending limits will allow me to do one “pick up” round and one “drop off” round as I loop DFW and other North Texas counties between appointments.


July 3, 2014 — 4,851 Comments

USflagThe colors of the US flag never fail to inspire. Were you aware that the colors stand for character qualities? Every time you see the colors fly consider: Continue Reading…


September 11, 2012 — 4,515 Comments

I feel grateful to live in a country that allows me the economic and social freedoms that I enjoy here in the United States of America. Any person who contributes to the strength of my country has my gratitude.

Freedom influences my behavior by immersing my decisions, minute by minute. It is only from talking with my friends living overseas that I get some perspective on how different life can be here in the States.

To keep this blog entry short, I will state directly, my most treasured freedom is the liberty to live my life according to my values. This liberty has been bought and paid for on my behalf and yours. The autonomy we enjoy here in the US is not free. It comes at great sacrifice, in the past, through the present and into the future.

Today, on September 11th, I have friends who serve in police departments, fire departments, military (current, former and future) as well as other first responder positions. I have the privilege of knowing them and getting glimpses into what the specific sacrifices are, and have been, for them and for the people they serve with. Some sacrifices are apparent in the grief we experience when we lose someone. Some sacrifices are external, and just as often, the sacrifices are internal and managed.

My friends, and I have to assume yours as well, have given up much so that we have an opportunity to live according to our own choices, which includes being free of the chains of debt. It was a hard realization for me almost 5 years ago how much debt had stolen, and was continuing to steal from me. I remember the painful awareness when I saw how carrying debt did not align with my valuation of freedom.

The strain of living strapped down to debt payments finally became enough for me to fight my way free in January of 2007.

It took me time (longer than I wanted!) to move from this heart realization all the way to being free of consumer debt. It will still take me time to pay off my home mortgage but in my mind, the battle is already won. Now it’s just a matter of applying strategy and perseverance.

The point is, I’m committed to doing living debt free. The point is I may want faster progress paying off my mortgage, but I have made huge progress with the help of my friends. The point is I can honor and respect the sacrifices of my friends, and the friends I haven’t met yet, by maintaining my financial freedom. They continue to do their part by committing to fight for our country’s freedom.

To do less than our best work, each of us, is to disrespect the gifts we’ve been given. What motivates you to work towards your debt freedom or to maintain that status? Will you focus and say “no matter what, I will get and stay debt free”? How much could you give to an organization like The Wounded Warrior Project if you weren’t wrapped up in the vice-grip of debt payments?

I hope you will take the time to stop and consider what freedoms you most enjoy. I hope you will find many, many reasons to feel ridiculously grateful.

May you also find that you live your life, day to day, in a way that reflects the high esteem in which you hold those freedoms.