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Breaking Bad

June 26, 2014 — 4,780 Comments

Have you ever wondered what a life spent chasing money looks like? Watch “Breaking Bad” and you will quickly get an idea of the damage you do to yourself and to others if you choose money above other more valuable items such as reputation, relationships and impact on others.

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agentcolsonThere are some people who are very quiet but mean so much to their friends around them. That’s our Agent Colson. He is quiet enough to some big personalities, that they think his first name is and always has been “Agent”. Others take the time to draw out these quiet characters and learn personal things about them – like Pepper knows that his first name is really Phil. Was it because of Phil’s kind persistence in Iron Man 1?

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thorThor was born to a large extended family, and into a privileged position of great responsibility. By the time we see Thor in the Avengers movie, he has been careless with these advantages in the past. Righting those wrongs has taught him to be a good manager of the relationships, resources and responsibilities entrusted to him. Thor loves his friends and family, using the gift of Mjollnir to both protect against enemies as well as build good things for the future. Thor is learning to know who his closest friends are, and developing shrewdness to understand that not everyone in close proximity to him supports his ideals of generousity and working for the greater good. Using the money entrusted to you to create legacy for your children and your children’s children is a rare delight and exquisite pleasure.

Financial Coaching for Thor might include the following: discerning how to choose his closest advisors, or counselors if you will, going forward as well as limiting the influence of those who seek to do harm; some strategic planning for the family business – the kingdom of Asgard – so that it continues in prosperity and calm; creating a system of checkpoints along the way for long-term goal setting so that Thor is free to go about his business as Prince of the realm and not worry overmuch about the day to day bills.

Everyone has a black sheep family member with which they must lovingly set limits. Focusing on what you and your immediate family want most can help create some limits, and with some more willful boundary breakers, we must set stronger limits. Everyone has friends who seem to moan over “not having enough money” rather than make a plan and work it.

What are you doing to make sure your immediate household is taken care of while planning how to best invest the excess? Your money will go further when you put it to intentional purpose.

Who would you most want to help because your money does more?

captain-america-winter-soldier-movieCaptain America grew up in the years leading up to World War 2. He managed money the way our grandparents and great-grandparents managed it. If you wanted something, you saved up cash and paid for it. Credit cards were not an option. Loans were usually made at the local bank with someone who knew you and knew your family. Waiting and working for things you wanted beyond what you needed created character.

Steve Rogers knows what it is like to get beat up by life. He has learned how to work within a team gracefully and loyally. When he discovered his best friend, Bucky, had been trapped behind enemy lines, he immediately went to work enlisting specialists in areas that complimented his own so that the rescue mission stood a chance at success. When Captain America was put in an impossible position at the end of his story (Captain America), he came through with the sacrifice play making sure that the greater good was served at great personal cost.

Habits that Steve Rogers cultivated became the character that he displayed as Captain America. Character predicts destiny. Better tools in your tool belt (education, experience, tools, resources) just make you a better YOU.

When he awoke and joined the Avengers in our present day, Captain America was wise enough to realistically assess the risks as well as the potential rewards of a completely new context. He works hard to give Iron Man a chance to restart the engines. He communicates with the local police department at the end of the Avengers movie to get civilians to safety. He gives the Black Widow a boost to get into position to work with Dr. Selbig. He encourages the Hulk to suit up. Captain America realizes that working off of a plan creates better chances for success and accepts that some things in life are important enough to do no matter who gets the credit for it.

Money is one of the resources that merely makes someone more of what they are. Captain America excels at enduring the long-term fight and watching for the opportunities to leverage wisdom, support other specialists and maximize mechanical advantage. How would your job description change if you showed these same character qualities? Imagine why knowing your strengths and weaknesses would allow you to maximize the right opportunities – not just the opportunities that make a pest of themselves.

Financial Coaching often involves a portion of Career Coaching so that we take care of the short-term “emergencies” while still driving for the long-term legacies.

We are leaving a legacy for our children.

Let it be peace.