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Lunch Money

April 7, 2014 — 4,364 Comments



We have talked about helping little ones learn about money (links below). What about helping your upper elementary and junior high age child think about his/her lunch money habits? Whether the money is pre-loaded to your child’s account, or your child packs a lunch every day, or your child takes cash every day, his/her lunch money habits are a great learning opportunity and practice lab for future money management habits. Considering that groceries for your family and fuel for your vehicle are the two largest variable amounts in your household’s budget, helping your child see the cost and value of lunch money has the potential to be extremely
helpful to your child’s success with money as an adult. Continue Reading…

kidsmoneyhandsTeaching our kids about money looks different when we’re talking with different young minds and hearts, and when they are at different stages of their lives. The younger the child, the more concrete the conversation is going to be with “what and how” questions and just a few “whys”. The more your child grows into the teen years, the questions start becoming a lot of “why” and “when you have a place of your own” and fewer “what and how” questions. If you would like more on the brain science and child development reasons behind those statements, contact us! This is part 2 of a 3 part blog series this spring.

Your elementary child is growing up, by the day! Continue Reading…

Garage_Sale_evalYou decided to have a garage sale – great! You spent a lot of time getting ready for the sale collecting, labeling, advertising and making yourself available for the sale times – go YOU! Now that the garage sale is over, how will you evaluate the Garage Sale’s Success?

We would encourage you to consider the following areas:
  • Typically we are hosting a garage sale to create cash. It makes sense to evaluate the garage sale in terms of the amount of cash you created by letting go of your stuff. Did you accomplish your cash goal? If you didn’t, what is your “plan B” to accomplish meeting that goal? If you exceeded your cash goal, did you plan how to use that irregular income?
  • Cash is a tangible and limited asset, just like your time. Think back on the garage sale preparation and execution – did you receive a good pay rate per hour? If you hadn’t had your garage sale, would you have done something profitable, or would you have used the time for recreation? Money, time and energy are three very valuable, and limited, resources. Spend wisely and according to your values.
  • Did you enjoy visiting with people and talking about the sale items? At times, we’re having a garage sale because of a job change or job loss. Have you considered each garage sale customer as a potential networking opportunity? Would you have met your garage sale customers in any other way? How fast might you be able to follow up with job leads either after celebrating your Garage Sale’s success that same evening or first thing the next business day? Would it be worth your time and attention in hosting the garage sale if you made just a couple hundred dollars cash AND got a job lead that led to a job offer with benefits and a 20% pay increase per year? How do you evaluate creating opportunities? Opportunities may not create cash in your hand today, but who knows where they might lead?
  • If you are doing a “multi-family” garage sale, are you enjoying the friends that you are hosting the garage sale with? (Choose your garage sale friends carefully! There is money involved and great capacity for miscommunication which leads to anger. Prevent miscommunication from happening.) There may have been delightful moments of deepened friendship when you discussed a sales interaction or the story behind why you ended up with the stuff you are trying to sell. Maybe the cash you earn is incidental as you support a friend who is doing his/her (first) garage sale?
  • Have you ever noticed that your kids enjoy asking you for money to spend on their pleasures? What if you chose to evaluate your garage sale’s success based on allowing your child the opportunity to earn his/her own money for a future expense? Would your garage sale be a success if your child had a better understanding of how profits are created?
So here’s The Big Question: Would you do a garage sale again? Why or why not?

Summer Camp: WOW!

February 5, 2013 — 4,255 Comments

summercampThe amazing people who do the Children’s and Youth Ministries at my church are already talking about how to make summer camp happen for their young charges. Summer camp is such a WOW! Experience.

Strong friendships are formed while kids are away at camp enjoying activities and intellectual pursuits. College scholarships and important networking can happen among kids, parents and experts who are involved with summer camps. When you think back upon your childhood, what memories do you have? Continue Reading…