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Wins and losses

July 21, 2017 — 43 Comments

What wins and losses have you experienced in the last year? Wins are the goals, big and small, that you have accomplished like the anniversary vacation, or being able to ease back on working hours, or a topped off savings account. Losses are what we want to avoid, but expect life to dish up like home repairs, or car expenses, or other money decisions you just did not see coming. In the year to come, you can expect to experience both wins and losses.

Have you aimed at what you want?

Have you scanned the horizon for “threats” to getting what you want?

Do you have a plan for how to accomplish what you need?

Are you clear about what you NEED and how that may be different from what you need?

Recently, I found water getting into the wall of a bathroom. This is one of those surprises that can upset our money goals. The win is having savings that can go immediately to repairing this problem. The win is being comfortable with budgeting so when the repair number is agreed on, we are both clear on the expectations. The win is knowing that most projects overrun the initial budget and the savings can cover an additional 10% – 20% before more drastic steps need to be taken.

Because I spend a little time each month and each week looking at my income and comparing that to my expenses, I will be able to cover these repairs and still have some money left for my adventure fund for this coming October.

I want my home to stay in good repair. I want to spend time with my friends in October. I know that threats to being able to win in this situation include losing my focus, not using cash to stay connected with how much I am spending, communicating in a way that is unclear to my contractor.

I have a plan. I will be updating you on this journey as it unfolds. This will be another part of my story as it relates to personal finance. What twists are happening in YOUR story of finding peace in your personal finances?