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Garage Sale

August 15, 2012 — 4,183 Comments

In my most recent (fabulous) Financial Peace University group, some of the other single people and I decided to do a garage sale together. Two households close to each other combined resources and some big items to sell. I brought a few small things to sell in their driveway/garage, mostly to keep them company and be part of the fun.

We set the start time early because August is HOT in Texas. We wanted to have our garage sale items gone, or nearly gone, before temperatures hit 100° and we were stuck on that hot driveway concrete with sun beating down and heat reflecting up at us.

I write this blog post because Continue Reading…

If you refuse to pay retail, and you don’t know how to fix something, then what can you do but pay retail?

$975 + tax was the mechanic’s estimate. I appreciated the diagnostic that they had run on my car. It confirmed what the free diagnostic at Autozone had pointed to. I appreciated that they would try to fix it before close of business, but it worried me since it was a holiday weekend.

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Principles seem streamlined and easy when we’re just talking about them. Putting these same principles into practice gets messy.

The goal? Get the car fixed and not miss work appointments.

The process? It seemed unending at the time. Continue Reading…

There was  a time when I was running out of money for groceries every month.

Then there was a time when I was paying the equivalent of a double house payment to clear the debt I had incurred going to college, buying a new car and “buying stuff”.  Ouch!

Now that I am debt free, it’s amazing how Continue Reading…