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Bankruptcy Basics

March 17, 2014 — 3,836 Comments
Frequently when a person contacts Coach Julia about Financial Coaching, bankruptcy is mentioned. Do you know the Bankruptcy Basics?
Listen in on this very quick overview of what filing Bankruptcy will get you, and what it will not. Better tools build better buildings. Contact Coach Julia today to get your free initial consultation scheduled.


Overcoming Obstacles

June 19, 2013 — 969 Comments

A friend of mine referenced this video and I wanted to share it with you. It tells the story of a couple overcoming obstacles in their financial and career worlds.

Things may seem bleak in your world right now. Keep Kicking. Keep Moving. Keep Trying.

Never Give Up.

A brighter day is coming to you!

NatashaRomanoff“My past may explain me, but it does not define me” could be Natasha’s motto for life. The Black Widow, aka Natasha Romanoff, weeps no tears over changing circumstances. Her capabilities and skill are highly sought out by Nick Fury and other interested parties because once she accepts an assignment, nothing will stop her from using any means necessary to accomplishing that mission. BHAG’s (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) are merely challenges that build up from past accomplishments, and are nothing of which to be afraid. Did you see her go undercover in Iron Man 2 and take down Happy?

While the Avengers respect Natasha’s talents, others may overlook her as she quietly works behind the scenes gathering information and putting facts together to predict what the enemy’s next moves. Loki underestimates her to his great detriment. She is a leader in her own right, able to cut to the bottom line and keep things uncomplicated.

While being unafraid of hard work is quite admirable, none of us should make our lives about our work. Our work should be one part of our lives. There will come a day when Natasha will no longer be able to carry out her present duties and we are left to wonder if she has a long-term ideal in her mind and heart. What will her purpose be then if not as a super spy?

If you had a BHAG mapped out for yourself, you can count all the hard work day-to-day towards that goal. How might your days feel if you knew that each day brought you closer to your “ideal day” that included important details in the areas of finance and career that support your home and family/friend relationships and give you emotional margin and intellectual challenges?

Will you be brave enough to put your greatest hopes to paper and get busy working towards them?

Where you focus

March 2, 2013 — 4,247 Comments

and go looking determines what you find.

If you go looking under the bus seat, you’ll find nasty gum and other debris.
If you focus on checking under the passenger seat in your car, you’ll probably find pocket change.
If you focus what skills and experience you have, then apply those to invest in others, you can find large lump sums through extra side jobs to supplement your main source of income, or through a new opportunity to earn your primary source of income.
If you go looking for what you want, you’ll find it – it’s just a matter of time.
If you focus on what scares you, or on things you don’t want….

I attended the first Quitter Conference in 2011.

I knew it would be fun. I knew I would meet interesting and fun people.

I didn’t expect it to pay off like it has in the last 12 months. Where could YOU be 12 months from now if you had this information and access to the conversations we’ll have next weekend?



If you refuse to pay retail, and you don’t know how to fix something, then what can you do but pay retail?

$975 + tax was the mechanic’s estimate. I appreciated the diagnostic that they had run on my car. It confirmed what the free diagnostic at Autozone had pointed to. I appreciated that they would try to fix it before close of business, but it worried me since it was a holiday weekend.

My mechanic was very kind Continue Reading…

Principles seem streamlined and easy when we’re just talking about them. Putting these same principles into practice gets messy.

The goal? Get the car fixed and not miss work appointments.

The process? It seemed unending at the time. Continue Reading…

I was talking with some of my young friends about their history class, and one of them started talking about the Liberty Bell.  Specifically, the inscription found on the bell: “Proclaim LIBERTY  Continue Reading…