Nerd or Free Spirit?

June 20, 2012 — 4,048 Comments

Think fast!

The Situation: Some friends are coming in from far away. You want to offer them gracious hospitality while they visit your place. Your friends are spending a long weekend with you, arriving Friday evening, staying all day Saturday and Sunday, then leaving after breakfast on Monday.

What are your first reactions?


Do you look forward to the reminiscing of good times spent together in the past and stories you can tell on each other to make everyone listening fall out with laughter?


Do you start a list of meals and needed ingredients to make sure your guests are well fed on home cooked meals after that eating out of coolers and fast food joints while they traveled?


Do you remember the music and laughter and hugs and practical jokes shared the last time you got together?


Do you remember the percentage increase on your electric bill with all those extra lights on in more rooms, the higher water bill because of the extra shower minutes and laundry loads, and the extra grocery money that needs to be put in the cash envelope?


Do you care that they spray the air freshener after using the restroom so your good times have no malodor?


Do you notice that they used a big honkin’ handful of toilet paper when they disappeared behind that closed door making you want to ration toilet paper squares at 10 squares per guest per day?


No changing your answers.  Go with your gut. There aren’t right or wrong answers in the pairs above. Not in the traditional algebraic sense X must always equal __ or it’s wrong. The answers merely highlight your primary focus tendencies. If you chose the first choice in the pairs, chances are you’re a Free Spirit. If you preferred the latter choice, chances are you are a Nerd. Both are good. Both have different giftings and abilities.

Every Nerd needs a Free Spirit to lighten up their life. Every Free Spirit flies higher and faster when the Nerd keeps them anchored to terra firma.

Don’t let the differences in the light of your life interact to create a pyrotechnical show to rival any 4th of July celebration. Don’t treat your anchor and grounding as you would a stick in a deep pile of cow mud or a heavy dull piece of iron. See the things you have to be grateful for because that friend cares enough to speak their mind to you.

Recognize that the other person’s tendencies are a beautiful and tough counterpoint to your tendencies. This dynamic balance allows you both to enjoy greater results so much deeper and richer than either of you deserve.


Make your money reflect your strengths and your great, high regard for the vibrant friendships that surround you. Get help if you need it. Money is no excuse for disrespecting or devaluing your richest treasures – your friends. So enjoy the visiting that you’ll do this summer!

Here’s to Living Like NO ONE Else!