Master Bathroom Remodel, part 2 “tools”

August 18, 2017 — 41 Comments

The master bathroom remodel adventure is upon me.

The tools are honed and prepped: research, timelines, cash flow planning, contractor. With a rudimentary understanding of the scope and depth of the issues in the master bathroom where water was damaging the walls, next steps in this process are less murky. We are ready to dig in. Since speed of completing this project well is important to me, I have taken my time on the prep.

In the previous post, part 1, my contractor and I had met to agree on general sequence of events, decision points, and cash flow plan (I shared my budget and he was gracious to help me find options and solutions to the problems we both know we are solving, and other potential hidden problems). Keeping my perspective helps me stay encouraged because I can see both how far I have come in the past few weeks from no real knowledge to how to solve this forward to today in getting the appropriate helps and understanding how the money, time, and other finite resources get used. Clearly separating out what I need versus what I merely want feels really good as the contractor and I imagine the end result – a beautifully updated bathroom that maximizes my overall house functionality while not overbuilding for my home and my neighborhood.

Who knew being a homeowner was going to be this expensive and complicated?

To repair this bathroom, my budget starts with my highest priorities in getting this space functioning again:

  • tile for the shower enclosure, shower floor and bathroom floor,
  • shower pan, drain/flange/cap,
  • cement backer board,
  • new toilet,
  • new vanity top,
  • paint for the bathroom cabinets, walls and trim
  • and the other small necessaries like mud, grout, mastic, sealer, spackle for the drywall, cement boards, and/or subfloor/foundation, 1/4 inch rounds, etc.

While it is my hope that sweat equity, and no unseen things are happening in the walls, I understand the above list may be as far as I get. However, if budget, time and materials allow, I want to add things like:

  • rainfall shower with height adjusting hand control,
  • increased capacity bathroom fan and built in bluetooth speaker,
  • frameless glass shower door,
  • updated vanity lighting, and recessed lighting within the shower enclosure,
  • brushed nickel sink faucet,
  • flooring that extends out from the bathroom into the attached master bedroom,
  • and removal of the popcorn ceilings in both the master bathroom and bedroom.

In the next post, I will share how well my “tools” cut through the needs in order to get to my more glamorous wants.

Thank you for your prayers for this project! If you have suggestions or wisdom from your own experiences that you would like to share with me, please reach out at More soon!