Celebrating Success

July 7, 2016 — 1,249 Comments
Celebrating success. Coffee and chocolate and caramel? Oh My!

Celebrating success. Coffee and chocolate and caramel? Oh My!

Working hard and then celebrating YOUR success

Celebrating success is a vital and delicious part of your changing your daily thoughts and behaviors in the context of your personal money management. Celebrating success can be accomplishing huge goals, then following through with huge rewards to yourself and loved ones – like a trip to a beautiful island getaway as a family or getting that “toy” you have wanted for so long. Celebrating success is more often a smaller gesture – calling a loved one to share how you avoided a frivolous impulse purchase or successfully negotiating a conflict point. Celebrating success need not impress others. What it needs to do is sink a memory linchpin into “this time” and “this place” for you so that you maintain your wise personal finance habits over the long-term.

A friend and I worked on some big goals in the last twelve months. For her, it was about setting up some of her career goals and preparing for some added leadership responsibilities in the next few years. For me, it was “re-normalizing” following the helter skelter of working full-time as an entrepreneur while in grad school. The results we are both seeing as we work towards our goals have been, and continue to be, toast worthy. So, we got together recently, celebrating success for how far we’ve come, as well as how far out into the horizon we now can see.

I personally still want to go backpacking through Europe again (just maybe not until the whole Brexit decision has settled). She and her husband have big plans for when their youngest goes off to college and they “have the house to themselves”. Our version of celebrating success was to bring different coffee ingredients together and experiment.

One whole pot of coffee and several different mixologies later, we have toasted how far we’ve come, written out plans for where we want to go, and have a lovely memory of our time together. You can see the picture at the top of this blog post. We had a GREAT time modifying the coffee creamer recipes at 20 Flavors of Homemade Coffee Creamer and Deliciously Organic.

You are having success when you start changing your thinking patterns. How will YOU celebrate success?

Here are some recent success examples from my coaching clients:

Covering car repairs using the “Car Repair and Maintenance Fund” (Two different families)

Purchasing school supplies early in order to get the bulk discount as well as pre-order discount (Several families)

Planning ahead and having your wife’s August birthday present on order without having to pay extra for super-fast shipping (one very pleased with himself husband and one about-to-be-impressed wife)

Being able to drop everything to go be with family members who are facing a troublesome medical diagnosis or procedure (Three families)

[Fill in the blank with YOUR moderate sized success goal]

TODAY is the day that the Lord has made. Let’s get busy having a good time celebrating all that He has done for us and for our loved ones.