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The master bathroom remodel adventure is upon me.

The tools are honed and prepped: research, timelines, cash flow planning, contractor. With a rudimentary understanding of the scope and depth of the issues in the master bathroom where water was damaging the walls, next steps in this process are less murky. We are ready to dig in. Since speed of completing this project well is important to me, I have taken my time on the prep.

In the previous post, part 1, my contractor and I had met to agree on general sequence of events, decision points, and cash flow plan (I shared my budget and he was gracious to help me find options and solutions to the problems we both know we are solving, and other potential hidden problems). Keeping my perspective helps me stay encouraged because I can see both how far I have come in the past few weeks from no real knowledge to how to solve this forward to today in getting the appropriate helps and understanding how the money, time, and other finite resources get used. Clearly separating out what I need versus what I merely want feels really good as the contractor and I imagine the end result – a beautifully updated bathroom that maximizes my overall house functionality while not overbuilding for my home and my neighborhood.

Who knew being a homeowner was going to be this expensive and complicated?

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Master Bathroom Remodel

August 4, 2017 — 47 Comments

Recently, I found water getting into the wall of my home’s master bathroom.

Before I can find out precisely how much damage there is, I am going to have to start demolition and pull the shower enclosure out. This is major work. I did not plan to do a master bathroom remodel. I would prefer to ignore the problem and hope it goes away. Being proactive pays dividends. Praise God, I have great friends, good research skills, and a funded home repair fund. I still would rather avoid the master bathroom remodel and not know what I am buying. God has gifted me with the tools and information to handle this project.

Finding the problem was just the first part of the master bathroom remodel. Writing out the plan for the remodel was the second step (and now mostly done). Researching all the components and elements of the remodel has taken a lot of time. Finally, this week, the contractor and I had an in-depth discussion regarding the remodel. We agreed on who was responsible for which materials, for instance I will get the floor and wall tiles, the contractor will get the mud, shower pan, and grout (with sealant!).

In finalizing the plan, we agreed on start date, check in dates, and overall budget.

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Wins and losses

July 21, 2017 — 43 Comments

What wins and losses have you experienced in the last year? Wins are the goals, big and small, that you have accomplished like the anniversary vacation, or being able to ease back on working hours, or a topped off savings account. Losses are what we want to avoid, but expect life to dish up like home repairs, or car expenses, or other money decisions you just did not see coming. In the year to come, you can expect to experience both wins and losses.

Have you aimed at what you want?

Have you scanned the horizon for “threats” to getting what you want?

Do you have a plan for how to accomplish what you need?

Are you clear about what you NEED and how that may be different from what you need?

Recently, I found water getting into the wall of a bathroom. This is one of those surprises that can upset our money goals. The win is having savings that can go immediately to repairing this problem. The win is being comfortable with budgeting so when the repair number is agreed on, we are both clear on the expectations. The win is knowing that most projects overrun the initial budget and the savings can cover an additional 10% – 20% before more drastic steps need to be taken.

Because I spend a little time each month and each week looking at my income and comparing that to my expenses, I will be able to cover these repairs and still have some money left for my adventure fund for this coming October.

I want my home to stay in good repair. I want to spend time with my friends in October. I know that threats to being able to win in this situation include losing my focus, not using cash to stay connected with how much I am spending, communicating in a way that is unclear to my contractor.

I have a plan. I will be updating you on this journey as it unfolds. This will be another part of my story as it relates to personal finance. What twists are happening in YOUR story of finding peace in your personal finances?

Celebrating success. Coffee and chocolate and caramel? Oh My!

Celebrating success. Coffee and chocolate and caramel? Oh My!

Working hard and then celebrating YOUR success

Celebrating success is a vital and delicious part of your changing your daily thoughts and behaviors in the context of your personal money management. Celebrating success can be accomplishing huge goals, then following through with huge rewards to yourself and loved ones – like a trip to a beautiful island getaway as a family or getting that “toy” you have wanted for so long. Celebrating success is more often a smaller gesture – calling a loved one to share how you avoided a frivolous impulse purchase or successfully negotiating a conflict point. Continue Reading…

Early Voting

February 17, 2016 — 1,014 Comments

Early Voting is now underway here in North Texas. As we work to get our careers and personal finance going in better and better directions, taking part in the elections and primaries as a part of early voting is an excellent habit.

Why vote?

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Command or Cop-out

July 24, 2014 — 4,543 Comments

If you are in command of your financial situation, you have a written plan, with goals broken down into objectives and timelines, and you communicate your plan to your loved ones. Continue Reading…

Lunch Money

April 7, 2014 — 4,598 Comments



We have talked about helping little ones learn about money (links below). What about helping your upper elementary and junior high age child think about his/her lunch money habits? Whether the money is pre-loaded to your child’s account, or your child packs a lunch every day, or your child takes cash every day, his/her lunch money habits are a great learning opportunity and practice lab for future money management habits. Considering that groceries for your family and fuel for your vehicle are the two largest variable amounts in your household’s budget, helping your child see the cost and value of lunch money has the potential to be extremely
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Bankruptcy Basics

March 17, 2014 — 4,076 Comments
Frequently when a person contacts Coach Julia about Financial Coaching, bankruptcy is mentioned. Do you know the Bankruptcy Basics?
Listen in on this very quick overview of what filing Bankruptcy will get you, and what it will not. Better tools build better buildings. Contact Coach Julia today to get your free initial consultation scheduled.


Money and Food

January 14, 2014 — 3,971 Comments

What do money and food have to do with each other?

Money and food are fuel. Money and food are served and consumed by us daily. Money and food can be used to build peace, health and capability. Money and food can be ignored allowing chaos, fear and illness. Be intentional.

Take a look at what a few dollars now does to your retirement projections