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Command or Cop-out

July 24, 2014 — 13 Comments

If you are in command of your financial situation, you have a written plan, with goals broken down into objectives and timelines, and you communicate your plan to your loved ones. Continue Reading…


July 3, 2014 — 24 Comments

USflagThe colors of the US flag never fail to inspire. Were you aware that the colors stand for character qualities? Every time you see the colors fly consider: Continue Reading…

Breaking Bad

June 26, 2014 — 18 Comments

Have you ever wondered what a life spent chasing money looks like? Watch “Breaking Bad” and you will quickly get an idea of the damage you do to yourself and to others if you choose money above other more valuable items such as reputation, relationships and impact on others.

Continue Reading…

Lunch Money

April 7, 2014 — 22 Comments



We have talked about helping little ones learn about money (links below). What about helping your upper elementary and junior high age child think about his/her lunch money habits? Whether the money is pre-loaded to your child’s account, or your child packs a lunch every day, or your child takes cash every day, his/her lunch money habits are a great learning opportunity and practice lab for future money management habits. Considering that groceries for your family and fuel for your vehicle are the two largest variable amounts in your household’s budget, helping your child see the cost and value of lunch money has the potential to be extremely
helpful to your child’s success with money as an adult. Continue Reading…

Bankruptcy Basics

March 17, 2014 — 25 Comments
Frequently when a person contacts Coach Julia about Financial Coaching, bankruptcy is mentioned. Do you know the Bankruptcy Basics?
Listen in on this very quick overview of what filing Bankruptcy will get you, and what it will not. Better tools build better buildings. Contact Coach Julia today to get your free initial consultation scheduled.



February 27, 2014 — 17 Comments

We live in an amazing country based on the ideal that the government is of the people, by the people and for the people. If you don’t vote, you have cut off that process. To vote is a privilege to be exercised whether for local, state or federal elections. We vote every day with our dollars, attention and time. Why would we not cast a ballot and vote for those who will lead during the next term? Continue Reading…

Be The Light

February 20, 2014 — 24 Comments

Every day we have a choice: Be the light or Be ‘normal’

What ignites your indignation? Use that ignition to energize you to do something. Creating a fire that warms and calls to others. Matt Chandler
What do you do with that? Create glowing purple cows that invite people to ask questions, to revel in their weirdness and to ship their art. Seth Godin
Why do you care? Create that golden circle and radiate the light and blessings you’ve been given from your “why” to your “how” and “who” Simon Sinek
How do you guard your heart? Inside a perimeter of fire, we guard our passions so that our lives stay vibrant and powerful (not dull and cold) Michael Hyatt
What are your best skills/talents? Your skills and strengths only strengthen and purify in the heat of life, in the crucible of decision-making. Deb Ingino
Who do you turn to for encouragement? When you get stuck between a rock and a hard place, and sparks fly, reflect the light of God Promises Financial Coaching

If you and I have money to handle our own needs and share with others, you and I have lit their lives.

If you and I know our strengths, we will know who to team up with to balance complimentary strengths. Then you and I have shined light on large groups of people directly and indirectly.

If you and I keep that spark of encouragement and hope, we will be invited to shine all the more brightly. As an example of wise money management. As leaders in our families. As radical service providers in our careers. When we get our money under control, we turn the mirror of our lives to reflect God’s light outward to others, rather than gathering the light to ourselves and for ourselves alone. Shine, my friends

Manage Well

February 18, 2014 — 21 Comments

You have the same amount of hours in a day as Nelson Mandela, Abraham Lincoln and Eleanor Roosevelt. It’s all in how you manage your resources (money or career or skills or time or fill-in-the-blank) that shows the difference between reacting and being proactive. If we plan how to best use our resources,  Continue Reading…

Engage For Results

January 21, 2014 — 16 Comments

Coaching is an interactive process. You must engage for results. If you only want information, please join our mailing list to the right of this post and subscribe to When you are ready for the next level, request an appointment and engage with Coach Julia to get results.

What does Seth Godin have to say about coaching? Listen in and find out

Money and Food

January 14, 2014 — 5 Comments

What do money and food have to do with each other?

Money and food are fuel. Money and food are served and consumed by us daily. Money and food can be used to build peace, health and capability. Money and food can be ignored allowing chaos, fear and illness. Be intentional.